10.11.2008 Construction of Rome Catholic Church
09 march 2008 President of A+A Group of Companies Rauf Aliyev has been awarded by Official annual medal of year III of the pontificate of His Holiness pope Benedict XVI for the assistance in construction of Blessed Virgin Mary Immaculate Conception Church  more...
10.11.2008 Reconstruction of Baku Musical Academy Building has been completed
On 18 September 2008, on National Music Day, the Baku Musical Academy building has been officially opened by the President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev. Reconstruction, renovation and architectural illumination has been performed by our company.  more...
10.11.2008 Construction and renovation works of Bibi-Heybat
14 july 2008 President of Azerbaijan Republic İlham Aliyev with the attendance of religious authorities of Azerbaijan opened the “Bibi-Heybat” mosque and religious complex after the renovation and construction.  more...
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A+A Kazakhstan participate in PPP (public private project) with medical authorities of Mangystau region

Construction of “ISMA” bikes factory in Ismailli city by A+A group of companies.

A+A Kazakhstan finalized construction of Medical Center in Aktau.
A+A Kazakhstan finalized construction of Medical Center in Aktau.  more...

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