17.05.2013 The opening ceremony of Juma Mosque in Shemakha

After the completion of restoration and reconstruction works the most ancient mosque of Azerbaijan – Juma Mosque in Shemakha -  has opened its doors for beleivers.

The openin ceremy has been attended by the President of Azerbaijan Republic  H.E. ilham Aliyev, the Head of Caucas Muslims, sheykh-ul-islam Allahshukur Pashazade, representatives of  North caucas islamic clergy and diplomatic missions of muslim countires in Azerbaijan.


The Juma Mosque in Shemakha is really a cradle of islamic history in Azerbaijan because it is a first religious building  on the territory of our country.

Inpite of many strong earthquakes destroyed Shemakha this mosque served as a spiritual center of ancient Shirvan.

The most tragic episode of this mosque history has happened in 1918 when armenian military forces with an unprecedented cruelty burned hundreds of muslims who found a shelter in the Shemakha mosque’s walls.  The building has been seriously damaged. But even after these tragedy the mosque remained as a place of a praye and worship for local inhabitants.

During the soviet time and the  domination of an atheistic ideology the mosque was closed. 

After Azerbaijan gained its independance the mosque was restored according to the order of national Leader Heydar Aliyev. Considering the value of Shemakha Juma Mosque in the history and spiritual life of Azerbaijan People, according to the order of President Ilham Aliyev, A+A has commenced the large-scale restoration and reconstruction works. The aim was to keep the last historical view of mosque (according  to the project of polish architect Joseph Ploshko), reinstatement of internal finish according to the Islamic canons and Azeri decoration traditions  and also the landscaping, construction of administrative and ancillary buildings.    

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