Industrial construction

A+A Group of Companies offers professional services in the field of industrial construction.
Our company carries out the activity in Baku and in all regions of Azerbaijan.
Experience of workers, modern technologies and materials allow us to solve many problems: from construction of small objects, up to large industrial complexes and to carry out a complex of works from a zero cycle to furnish.
For each building the complex approach - performance of all cycle of works from designing before delivery of object "on a turn-key basis" is carried out. At each stage of works quality assurance on all parameters is spent. We are ready to execute all chain of works from designing to furnish.
Constant tracking of novelties of the market of building materials by our experts, use of the advanced building technologies and experience of the previous projects allow to erect new objects quickly, qualitatively and economically.

In the list of the works lead by us is a construction of helidrome, factories, stadiums and many other things. Below the incomplete list of our objects is presented:

  • Construction of a building berth for the company Bos Shelf (Karadag)
  • Construction of office for the company Bos Shelf (Karadag)
  • Construction of a dining room for the company Bos Shelf (Karadag)
  • Construction of the terminal at airport Zabrat (Zabrat)
  • Repair of the Office building of company MakDermot (Karadag)
  • Construction New South Mishovdag Waterflood Project (Karasu)

To see pictures of construction process and ready objects is possible in section " industrial construction " of the galleries of our objects.

Villas construction

A+A Group of Companies offers the services in the field of low-rise constructions - Designing and construction of wooden country houses and cottages of any area and complexity.

Our architects and designers will develop for you various projects of country houses, cottages and you will realize all your wishes. Depending on preferences of the customer, it can be a small country house, a modern cottage or an elite private residence. We spend all complex of the works connected with construction, beginning from construction of the base and leading of engineering communications to internal furnish and delivery of your country house on a turn-key basis, and we bear the responsibility for quality and timeliness of performance of these works.

After development of the project of a country house or a cottage the architect-adviser will discuss with you:

  • Appearance and the sizes of a country house
  • Internal lay-out of a cottage
  • Quantity of transparent and opaque parts of a country house
  • Will lead a binding of the project of a cottage to your site
  • And many other things..

After that, experts under your project will make and will give three-dimensional models of a country house on a computer in your order. And then will prepare all necessaries for construction of a cottage drawings and calculations. It enables to think over all details and to achieve the best result

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